If you're going to do it...you might as well do it right.

In over 20 years as an independent management consultant, I have consistently observed how companies have mismanaged the fit and function of their ISO management system in the workplace.

Surpassing the competition, in not only price, but value to your company, his operation-appropriate strategy of fit and function, directly compliments your unique business character and needs.

Barry is a global expert in ISO standards and the processes employed by their use.  He is a specialist in simplifying management systems and changing management's view and understanding; educating everyone during the process.

With his hands-on approach, he works directly with your staff and imparts functional knowledge and skill, while cultivating safe production, business longevity and succession management - he is a breakthrough leader in the world of ISO consulting and advice.

What he does for companies...
  • Customized set-up consultant with hands-on implementation support.
  • Customized training to meet the needs of your company's schedule.
  • Provides required transitional and contract resources to accomplish your business plans and goals.
  • Simplifies your management system and improves its operational performance at every level.

Contract Services that will enhance your management system:
  • ISO standards system GAP analysis, development, implementation and auditing
  • Training and skill development for staff at every level - do your employees know what they need to know?
  • Restructuring your organizational training requirements including on-going performance and effectiveness evaluations
  • Consulting and resource support
  • Cultural and business management shifts
  • Technical writing - policies, procedures and work instructions
  • On-site and customized training requirements

Find out how your company can add value and greatly improve the status and position of your management system.
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Services Offered

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