​ About his book  ISO...ISO...EI-EI-O

The book is an essential read for any person who thinks, or has an inclination, that the ISO management system within their workplace is dysfunctional and does not perform the way it should.

Perhaps those working with the system think it is outdated, too much work, requires simplification and could be doing more for the company.  

Perhaps management is unaware of the appropriate fit and function of the standards in the workplace and require a more operation-appropriate utilization of the standards.

Companies who are registered or are thinking of registering to the standards should read this book first.  Too often companies follow each other and create a "cookie-cut" system for the workplace - the most over-documented and underutilized system of all.

Management in North America must get a better grasp on how ISO is meant to work in the organization.  Many managers I have met do not fully comprehend the translation and operational function of the very standards their company utilize as a continuous improvement tool.

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