Barry has made a professional and independent career in the ISO consulting and auditing industry since 1993. His promise to companies is ensuring the proper fit, function and interpretation of ISO standards in the workplace environment.

An expert in ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environmental and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety, he has assisted companies throughout North America and has established a well balanced portfolio in all types of industries and sectors.

Barry is extremely efficient analyzing and working in a process environment and is devoted to improving your organization's level of competence and skill. He channels his energies and services to ensure your workforce is competent, confident and empowered.

Before his career as an independent consultant, Barry was a technical writer and advisor at the Canadian Standards Association in the development and publishing of Canadian management and industry standards.

Known by his clients for having a true passion and a technically-advanced competence and understanding of management systems, his clients have had the benefit of an improved position of strength, competence and integrity throughout the entire operation.

He has worked with a full range of organizations across North America and Europe from Fortune 500 companies to start-up businesses; from metal fabrication, power generation to service based businesses, from banking, to mining, pulp and paper, energy and resource based industries, and the public sector.

Barry is comfortable working with executive levels of management, front-line supervisors, unionized and non-unionized labourers, engineers and designers, administrative and financial support, and in all types of environments including plant floor, underground and boardroom.

ISO Management Standards Training

Barry prides himself in his training expertise and will help you determine the most appropriate fit and function of the ISO standards in your company.  He specializes in developing core competencies for employees who have a commitment and responsibility to the maintenance and implementation of ISO principles and practices within the workplace. 

Barry is efficient and extremely pragmatic in his approach.  He builds competencies through a dramatically different vision of the management standards.  He not only looks at how your personalized learning experience is structured and presented during your time of learning but more importantly, how you can apply your new found knowledge and experience immediately in your workplace.

His commitment to your company is to dramatically improve your competence and ability in the interpretation, function and utilization of the ISO standards within your workplace.

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