As a manager, supervisor or leader, you know how important it is to facilitate employee 
empowerment and continue to build levels of skill and confidence.  The 10 Point to Know-it-All 
program creates change management through a planned approach.  The program ensures you 
know that your employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to safely produce quality work.  

Through the 10 Points to Know-it-All program, Barry utilizes a hands-on approach with your
management team ensuring that you:

1.      Understand what your employees need to know
         Barry works with your management to articulate and clarify what employees need to
         know.  The framework for training goals and objectives is built on this.

2.      Benchmark employee competency levels
         His experienced allows him to assess the current level of employee competency and skill,
         and the observed competency level of your employees identifies what training needs
         are required.

3.     Identify the gap between what your employees know and what they need to know
        The difference between company expectations of employee knowledge and skill, and
        the observed comptency level of your employees tells you where training needs to be
        enhanced and what needs to be learned.

4.     Design a customized training program to meet your needs
        Barry will work with your team to design an effective training program customized to meet your company training objectives, 
        which includes a training schedule and skills matrix.

5.     Write and develop dynamic, engaging training presentations
        He will work with your company subject matter experts to accumulate technical information.  His
        special skill is to transform subject matter that is often dry or boring into an appealing, entertaining
        and easy to absorb format.  Barry believes that knowledge transfer is more successful if the attention
        of the participants is captured.  All support material is provided, such as handouts and training manuals.

6.     Train your trainers to present effectively
        Barry's training approach delivers training presentations to train your trainers so they may deliver the training themselves!
        He is adept at coaching leaders and supervisors in how to present training material effectively to their reports.

7.     Create assessment tools to monitor information retention
        An essential element that develops targeted tests and quizzes to ensure that learning points are emphasized and remembered.
        A variety of formats are used including crosswords, multiple choice, and problem-solving scenarios.

8.     Assess and monitor long-term knowledge retention
        How do you know that your employees continue to retain and use imparted knowledge six months or a year after
        training?  Barry will return and assesses your employees' knowledge retention.  Training content and format is adjusted if necessary.

9.     Train internal auditors to continue monitoring
        Perhaps you would prefer to set up an ongoing internal auditing program to continuously monitor employee information retention.
        Barry offers an internal auditors training package.

10.   Report on the success of the training program
        Barry provides reports to management on the progress and effectiveness of your training program.

How do you KNOW your employees KNOW what they need to KNOW?™ 

The more competent your employees are, the more confident they become, and the more empowered they act.
10 Points to Know-it-All 
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