Barry Mooney is your best solution for technical writing policies, procedures and work instructions.

Due-diligence, commitment and sustainability are primarily manifested in a management system by documenting your policies, processes and operational practices and procedures.  This will ensure a reliable and repeatable foundation within the workplace, and provide you with a valuable format for training and awareness presentations. 

Other important documents that require technical writing expertise may include: 
  • employee handbooks  
  • visitor guides 
  • ​contractor handbooks
  • warranty guidelines
  • customer instructional guides and handbooks

Barry Mooney is an expert in technical writing.  During his career, he has written literally thousands of pages of:
SOP’s (standard operating procedures)
Work Instructions
Training Manuals
Customer Manuals
Supplier Manuals
Employee Handbooks

Barry's skill and experience allows him to document the essentials in simple, clear and 
succinct language.  

He utilizes a variety of techniques including:
Written documents
Value Stream Mapping
Swim Lane Charts
PowerPoint presentations
Form design
…and any combination of the above!

He will work with you to determine the most effective and easy-to-follow format for your workplace.

Barry is an expert in technical writing and document design!

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Technically writing is a challenging effort.  Often, individuals write in their own prose, which is unique to themselves; making it difficult for staff to fully comprehend and understand their role and responsibility as defined within the written material.

Let a professional get the technical writing done right.  

With years of experience at the Canadian Standards Association as a professional technical writer, Barry knows what it takes to get it right for everyone.

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